Non-Toxic Beauty Products

So my most recent quest has been to rid my make-up bag and bathroom of harmful chemicals. This is a hard thing to do. I have been very conscious lately of what I put “into” my body, but what about what I put “onto” my body? Skin is super absorbent and beauty products should not be overlooked when trying to live clean. I quickly found out that just because a product says “all natural” or “organic” does not mean that it is. Imagine that, ha. Even the products at my beloved Whole Foods were full of chemicals that wreak havoc on the endocrine system and can contribute to allergies or even cancer.

The chemicals to particularly watch out for are Formaldehyde, Parabens, Placenta, and Triclosan. Formaldehyde is harmful to the immune system and is a known carcinogen (cancer causing agent). Parabens and Placenta are estrogenics (meaning they cause an increase in estrogen production) and are linked to breast and prostate cancers. And Triclosan interferes with thyroid function and can also cause antibiotic resistance.

But who has the time to sit and read every ingredient on every beauty product in the store? Luckily, the show “The Doctors” mentioned an awesome website a few weeks ago called Skin Deep. It is the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database. It has thousands of products that rate their safety on a 0-10 scale. 0-2 being a low hazard, 3-6 being a moderate hazard, and 7-10 being a high hazard. I began entering in the products I use on a daily basis and I was stunned. My husband and I are wanting to start our family soon and almost all of the products I used had developmental/reproductive toxicity. Who would’ve thought?
So I started my quest to find safe beauty products. I quickly found that the safest products are mail order only and can be extremely pricey. I knew there had to be a better way. I mean, $24 for an eye liner pencil? Come on now. So I spent almost 4 hours looking through list after list, determined to find safe products that I can go pick up right down the street and save some of my husband’s hard earned dollars.
It can be tricky. Take for instance, NYC has a safe eye/brow definer pencil but it has to be Jet Black in order for it to be low hazard. Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions shampoo has a hazard rating of 1 while the complimenting conditioner has a rating of 6! Almay has a couple of good options for blush but they have to be a particular shade. Listed below are the products I bought for myself and my husband at Target. All of these products have a low hazard rating and none of them have developmental/reproductive toxicity or known carcinogens.
Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash (or Calming Body Wash)
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion
Secret Orginal Unscented Deodorant Stick
Speed Stick for Men, Original and Unscented
Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Shampoo
Tom’s of Maine Anti-plaque, whitening toothpaste
NYC Eye/Brow Liner, Jet Black
Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Powder
Physician’s Formula Retro Glow Mascara
Burt’s Bees Lip Moisturizers, in tube
Avon Mark Beauty Cheekblossom Cheek Color Tint (I’m ordering this)
These are just a few basics I wanted to start using immediately. I am having a hard time finding eye shadow in the shades that I like so the search continues!

One thought on “Non-Toxic Beauty Products

  1. FABULOUS list! Thank you!!! I'm big into natural hair care and I read every single label … but by the time I've done all that I'm tired and I don't have the energy to do the same for my make-up! (terrible, right?) Mascara is the hardest for me to find, so this list helps! Keep 'em coming! 😀 Thank you so much!!!~ Karli (Curly Hairdo Ideas .com)

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