Homemade Butter

So this adventure was inspired by the “Pioneer Women” episode from “I Love Lucy.” Ricky and Fred told Lucy and Ethel that modern housewives had it made and didn’t have to work like their ancestors. Well, that led to a bet between the couples and before you know it, they were dressed in apparel from … Continue reading

Homemade Hummus

Okay, so to say that I love hummus would not be an overstatement. I eat it practically every single day for lunch. But I really don’t like store bought hummus, at all! I like to get traditional hummus from Mediterranean restaurants, and I also found that Mellow Mushroom has some awesome hummus when I was … Continue reading


I really like lemons. Really. I cook using lemons all the time. They add such a freshness to pasta dishes and brighten up chicken, fish or even desserts. And who doesn’t like fresh lemon or lime wedges in their water? I always try to keep fresh lemons in a bowl on my kitchen island and … Continue reading

Safe Household Cleaners

So in an effort to get my home chemical free, I have been doing a lot of research on cleaning products. It started to get a little bit overwhelming when I was looking into making my own, so for now, I have landed on quite a happy medium. I have recently purchased a few items … Continue reading