I really like lemons. Really. I cook using lemons all the time. They add such a freshness to pasta dishes and brighten up chicken, fish or even desserts. And who doesn’t like fresh lemon or lime wedges in their water? I always try to keep fresh lemons in a bowl on my kitchen island and I love the splash of color it adds as well.

With as much as I use them, a lot of the time I just squeeze them for the juice or grate some of the peel off for zest. So I found a couple of ways to use the rest of the lemon so it doesn’t just go to waste.
I have a wooden cutting board and any of you that have one as well know that the smell of onions and garlic can stick around on them. So I take half of a squeezed lemon, add a little kosher salt, and use it as a scrubber for the cutting board. It removes the smells and leaves the cutting board fresh and clean. You can also use the other half and clean your sink or even counter tops.
Cut up lemons are great for the garbage disposal as well. Just drop some pieces down the disposal and turn it on along with some cold water. I am not sure where I picked this tip up but it is so practical and easy. It not only cleans the disposal but it leaves a fresh, citrus scent in your kitchen.
Who knew lemons could be so versatile?

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