Homemade Butter

So this adventure was inspired by the “Pioneer Women” episode from “I Love Lucy.” Ricky and Fred told Lucy and Ethel that modern housewives had it made and didn’t have to work like their ancestors. Well, that led to a bet between the couples and before you know it, they were dressed in apparel from the 1890’s and making bread and butter from scratch. As I was watching it I thought, “Hey, I wanna do that!” Well, I didn’t want to churn butter using a contraption from the 19th century while wearing a full length dress like Ethel did, but I knew my kitchen aid mixer would do the job nicely. I know that you can buy fresh organic butter, and it really isn’t expensive, but I wanted to make my own just for kicks. I took some heavy whipping cream I had in the fridge and let it sit out about 10 minutes to warm up just a bit. Then I poured it into the mixer and gradually increased the speed until it was on medium-high. Then I covered my mixer, so it wouldn’t splatter, and about 8 minutes later I had full blown curds and buttermilk! I separated the curds and put them into a strainer. I pressed the butter until all of the moisture was out, added a little salt, and hand mixed until it was creamy. It was that easy! And a whole lot of fun if I do say so myself.

I used the butter for 2 weeks for all sorts of things like eggs, shrimp, or even a little on steamed veggies. You can even add a little bit of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice in the fall. The possibilities are endless. I also used the buttermilk as a richer, healthier substitute in a couple of recipes as well.
So here’s to “I Love Lucy” for the inspiration! This butter will now show up regularly in our house!

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