Soybean Candles

Soybean CandlesI have been trying to make the transition into safe, non-toxic home fragrances for a while now. After reading an article from the American Lung Association which stated that candles are quickly becoming the number one culprit for indoor air pollution, I started researching why. I found out that Paraffin wax is the predominant wax used to make candles and it is actually a byproduct of crude oil (petroleum). Paraffin wax is what is left at the very bottom of the petroleum refining chain. And to get these “leftovers” up to candle grade, they process out asphalt and other minerals and even add chlorine containing bleach to get the finished product. When a paraffin wax candle is lit, the fumes are similar to those of diesel fuel. Even the wicks that are used are hazardous. There is a plethora of good information out there so I won’t bore you with anymore details. But it is worth checking out, that’s for sure.

So the search started for a good quality candle and boy did I luck out. It is a little more difficult to find beeswax candles so I started with soy bean. I bought a couple of BeanPod candles from Amazon a few weeks ago and they are awesome. They are moderately priced, especially if you have ever purchased a Yankee Candle. I got the Oatmeal Cookie scent and the Orange & Vanilla scent. They have an awesome smell even when they are not lit. They are made from 100% stabilized soy wax, which is earth friendly and biodegradable and the wicks are lead free. Read all about them at
I also found a really cool local shop that makes soybean candles. You can buy them there or you can take any jar into the shop and they will fill it up with any scent for $.70 an ounce. It makes me want to look into making them myself but that is at the end of my list for now.
Mission: Clean burning candles = BIG Check 🙂

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