82ff8-pilates_1I know I am WAY behind but I just discovered Pilates this past week. Sure, I knew what it was…and sure I have had 2 Pilates DVD’s sitting in my closet for the past couple of years…but this week I decided to dust them off and give them a try. To be honest, it happened to come on a week where I was feeling “under the weather” if you know what I mean (which is SUCH a blessing to a PCOS girl and is just another confirmation from God that I am on the path He has for me). So I was wanting to workout but could not bring myself to do cardio. I had a couple of friends who had taken a class last week that mixed in some Pilates and it reminded me of the DVD’s I had. What a blessing (yes, another one) it turned out to be. I felt so balanced, strong, and RELAXED! And I have never been as sore as I was the day after my first workout. I have tried Yoga before and thought Pilates was kinda the same thing. Boy was I wrong. Pilates is the clear leader in my household. Did I mention that I really like Pilates? Because I do! As for the image at the top of this post…something to work towards 🙂


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