Meatless Mondays

We started something in our household called “Meatless Monday.”  We love to eat meat, really, we do.  So why did we begin to reduce the amount of meat we consume? Well, according to the USDA, in the year 2000 meat consumption had reached a high of 195 lbs. per person per year. That was up … Continue reading


I know I am WAY behind but I just discovered Pilates this past week. Sure, I knew what it was…and sure I have had 2 Pilates DVD’s sitting in my closet for the past couple of years…but this week I decided to dust them off and give them a try. To be honest, it happened … Continue reading

Soybean Candles

I have been trying to make the transition into safe, non-toxic home fragrances for a while now. After reading an article from the American Lung Association which stated that candles are quickly becoming the number one culprit for indoor air pollution, I started researching why. I found out that Paraffin wax is the predominant wax … Continue reading

Indoor Plants

We built a home this year and moved in 6 months ago. During the construction process, I did a lot of research on the materials that were being used to build our home and the toxins they release. Needless to say, YIKES! I knew that the paint would have a low VOC level but I … Continue reading


I really like lemons. Really. I cook using lemons all the time. They add such a freshness to pasta dishes and brighten up chicken, fish or even desserts. And who doesn’t like fresh lemon or lime wedges in their water? I always try to keep fresh lemons in a bowl on my kitchen island and … Continue reading

Safe Household Cleaners

So in an effort to get my home chemical free, I have been doing a lot of research on cleaning products. It started to get a little bit overwhelming when I was looking into making my own, so for now, I have landed on quite a happy medium. I have recently purchased a few items … Continue reading

Non-Toxic Beauty Products

So my most recent quest has been to rid my make-up bag and bathroom of harmful chemicals. This is a hard thing to do. I have been very conscious lately of what I put “into” my body, but what about what I put “onto” my body? Skin is super absorbent and beauty products should not … Continue reading