Mason Jar Salads

These might be an old thing, or they might be a new thing, but Mason Jar Salads are like the greatest thing ever! Is that too much excitement? Did I just sound like a valley girl? Well, these salads will do that to you. They will make you talk like an overdramatic valley girl. The … Continue reading

Crunchy Asian Slaw

It has always been hard (nearly impossible) for me to get my recommended intake of veggies.  I mean, honestly, it was hard for me to eat any veggies (except lettuce) at all.  Mainly, because I did not like them unless they are blended to smithereens in a Vitamix.  So a few years ago my husband … Continue reading

Kale Chips

As far as green veggies are concerned, my list previously stopped at broccoli and lettuce. Over the past few months I have tried to add more and now I find myself craving snap peas, zucchini, and spinach. In my search to increase my veggie intake, I came across Kale Chips. Yes…crunchy, salty, kale chips. They … Continue reading

Homemade Butter

So this adventure was inspired by the “Pioneer Women” episode from “I Love Lucy.” Ricky and Fred told Lucy and Ethel that modern housewives had it made and didn’t have to work like their ancestors. Well, that led to a bet between the couples and before you know it, they were dressed in apparel from … Continue reading

Homemade Hummus

Okay, so to say that I love hummus would not be an overstatement. I eat it practically every single day for lunch. But I really don’t like store bought hummus, at all! I like to get traditional hummus from Mediterranean restaurants, and I also found that Mellow Mushroom has some awesome hummus when I was … Continue reading